The Best Editor-Tested West Elm Coffee Tables 2022

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The right coffee table has the power to really make a space. Those with storage capacity can actually create more space — whether concealing essentials or displaying objects, while others blend right in with their surroundings. A coffee table can turn any room into an organized sanctuary or an inviting place to gather. And whether, aesthetically, your ideal coffee table is minimal or makes a statement, it’s bound to be one of the most important elements of decor you’ll have in your home.

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Perhaps your coffee table also serves as your work-from-home desk, kids’ homework spot, or even a dining table in a pinch. However yours serves you, choosing the right coffee table matters. As your Personal Shopper, we wanted to make the task easier for you by visiting the Brooklyn headquarters (and other New York locations) of West Elm to check out every coffee table on display. Just as we did with their sofas and dining tables, we evaluated every one (multiple times!) to determine the perfect match and style to suit your needs. All you have to do is read on and discover which West Elm coffee table is best for you.

The range of dining furniture carried by West Elm is not limited to this list. Visit the website for more options.

West Elm is an AT editor and reader favorite for all things home, including, of course, coffee tables. The brand’s vast selection not only looks good but can also be delivered directly to your dining area with white-glove delivery. Below are the exact coffee table models we tested, but you can also find many of them in a few different shapes and variations.

We judged every West Elm coffee table we found in-store based on the following five criteria, giving each category an average rating between 1 and 5. These scores helped us determine who the table suits best and for what type of use. In addition to our scoring, you’ll find what our first impression was as well as the materials and size and color variations available.

Storage: How much can the coffee table hold? Is any available storage space concealed or displayed? How much storage capacity does it have?

Versatility: Can the table be used as more than just a coffee table? How suitable is it for working from home?

Appearance: What style does it best suit? Does it lean more traditional (ie, detailing, dark wood) or more contemporary (ie, sleek, light wood)? Does it work with a range of different decor styles?

Safety: Is it family friendly? How well does it suit the needs of people across a range of abilities? Do the shape and materials make it a safe option around kids?

Durability: Does it stain or scuff easily? Do you have to use coasters? Would it age well with regular use?

Every Editor-Tested Coffee Table at West Elm

What Impressed Us: The multi-functionality.

Already an AT reader favorite, this modern, industrial-style coffee table offers both storage and work-from-home desktop solutions. The lift-top feature moves smoothly, operated by a soft-touch divot handle, and forms a raised desktop plus storage space underneath. Both a space saver and multitasker, the Industrial Pop-Up is an ideal solution for apartment dwellers.

What Impressed Us: The surface area.

West Elm’s Volume Round coffee table is one of the more modern styles the brand has, with a large, statement-making frame. It offers maximum table space, making it ideal for gathering, serving, and even enjoying a full meal. While its clean, modern design is an obvious highlight, the Volume Round coffee table’s lack of angles and sharp corners lends to its overall safety, especially if kids (who like to run) are a factor.

What Impressed Us: The design.

The clear glass top of the Marcio Display coffee table gives it its name. More of an art piece than a simple coffee table, it’s one of the more delicate options West Elm has — but that doesn’t mean it isn’t sturdy. By blending into the background, the glass top not only creates more visual space in the room but also lets its mid-century modern wood base — ideally loaded with coffee table books — do the standing out.

What Impressed Us: The minimalism.

The Anton Solid Wood coffee table’s slender tabletop is paired with two thin yet wide pillar legs, giving the ideal minimalist profile. With all its space underneath, it can be kept clear for a clean look or given a more rustic feel using baskets for storing blankets or books. The solid kiln-dried mango wood feels as durable as it’s designed to be without looking heavy duty. It’s build to last, to look good, and to provide plenty of tabletop space.

What Impressed Us: The versatility.

Combining the minimalism and sharpness that mid-century design is known for with the utility and multi-functionality necessary today, the Mid-Century Pop-Up is the souped-up version of the (already impressive) Industrial Pop-Up coffee table. With marble accents, which you can choose to make into a second pop-up storage element, and the same soft-touch lift-top as the Industrial, the Mid-Century is the best of all worlds.

What Impressed Us: The robustness.

Also our pick for those with families, the Pebble Oval coffee table forgoes traditional design, lacking complex detailing and sharp angles, and has a heavy frame that won’t unintentionally budge. Made from glass fiber-reinforced concrete, its look is both clean and rustic at the same time — think luxury Sardinian resort. If you’re someone who wants to make your coffee table a centerpiece, indoors or out, or hosts gatherings that benefit from maximum tabletop space, the Pebble is our pick.

What Impressed Us: The spaciousness.

As the ultimate in storage capacity, the Drum offers the simplicity and surface area we love about the Volume Round coffee table with the addition of a spacious hollowed-out interior that can hide anything from pillows and blankets to winter coats. For this reason, and because it’s smaller than the volume, it’s ideal for apartment dwellers who could benefit from their coffee table also being a space-saving solution.

What Impressed Us: The possibilities.

For the ultimate in display-storage capacity, the Profile coffee table is an overachiever. With three levels of storage on an iron base, its simple design allows your books, baskets, candles, and more to shine. Though made from iron, it has a surprisingly airy feel, with a smooth surface that’s supremely easy to clean.

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