Perfect Balance Of A Contemporary House With Vintage Touches | AMAZE SPACES

‘The Urban Silhouette’ is a project where the fundamental ethos of the architect and client resonated in the perfect balance of a contemporary house with vintage touches, developing into a project of its kind! Here, the space you live in becomes a canvas that lets you paint your ideas and helps generate creativity. The delicate … Read more

Traditional Indian Touches Amalgated With Western And Contemporary Designs | FORESIGHT ASSOCIATES

&nbsp “VAIRAAG” a 3,690 sq. ft. house designed and decorated by Foresight Associates in Bill, Vadodara, Gujarat is an exemplary suburban house with a fresh, modern design and contrasting rustic elements. The name of the house was decided to be a combination of the names of the homeowners – Vaishali and Gaurang. “When we heard … Read more