Paula Antonelli + Alice Rawsthorn explore the design’s role to tackle emergencies of our time

Paola Antonelli + Alice Rawsthorn launch Design Emergency book Paola Antonelli, senior curator at the MoMA in New York and Alice Rawsthorndesign critic and author, have collaborated on ‘Design Emergency’ research platform in May 2020, a powerful medium for change during the pandemic. Two years later, they published Design Emergency as a book exploring the … Read more

Sharing the City One Step at a Time

Activists, wanderers, and tourists find a common language through walking. By Tim Waterman As lockdowns eased in 2021, Hôtel du Nord led a walk in L’Estaque, in North Marseille, to the Miramar site, with the encouragement of music along the way. Photo by Dominique Poulain, Archives Hôtel Du Nord. Matthew Beaumont’s beautiful book about London, … Read more

Is It Time For Architects to Unionize?

Is It Time For Architects to Unionize? L’agence Office / jaq. Image © Antoine Bonnafous Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or This article was originally published on Common Edge. Unions are a trend among college-educated young people, the New York Times reports. They seek solidarity—collective leverage—to bring about desired changes that are … Read more