kurt hollander on mexico city’s ban of all hand-painted street stall signs

STREET FOOD STALLS STRIPPED OF COLOR IN MEXICO CITY CENTER Earlier this year, the mayor of Mexico City’s Cuauhtemoc borough decided to ban the colorful, hand-painted signs that adorned thousands of street food stalls and gave the urban landscape ‘a distinctive, authentically Mexican look for decades.’ This decision has left many local residents, street vendors … Read more

The Veranda: A Disappearing Threshold Space in India

The Veranda: A Disappearing Threshold Space in India Otlas lining the street . Image © Vijay B. Barot Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or https://www.archdaily.com/985402/the-veranda-a-disappearing-threshold-space-in-india An ancient Indian folktale narrates the story of a demigod, Hiranyakashipu, who was granted a boon of indestructibility. He wished for his death to never be brought about … Read more

New Public Art Gives Soul to the 11th Street Bridge Park – THE DIRT

11th Street Bridge Park / OMA+OLIN In a few years, the 11th Street Bridge Park will span the Anacostia River, finally realizing the ambitious vision to bring both sides of Washington, DC together through art, landscape architecture, and a shared commitment to equitable development. As the project nears final design and the construction process is … Read more