The Desien guide to solar power

This Dezeen guide to solar power, which forms part of our Solar Revolution series, explains the different types of photovoltaics from the well-established to the more experimental. Solar is a clean, renewable and relatively cheap source of energy that is expected to become more widely adopted as the world weans itself off fossil fuels. Often … Read more

Solar power could “become embedded in our life,” says Daan Roosegarde

Social and technological changes could spark a new era of solar power making it commonplace in the everyday, argues Dutch designer Daan Roosegarde. Speaking to Dezeen at one of Soho House’s east London locations, Roosegarde said that if designers can demonstrate the beauty of solar power, people will be more open to integrating it into … Read more

Ubiquitous Energy aims to make solar windows the global standard

US company Ubiquitous Energy has invented a thin coating that turns windows into transparent solar panels, providing other ways to harvest renewable energy in buildings beyond rooftop panels. Ubiquitous Energy describes its technology as being the only transparent photovoltaic glass coating that is “visibly indistinguishable” from traditional windows. Any surface could become a solar panel … Read more

Solar cars will be “normal within 20 years” says Lightyear’s head engineer

Integrated solar panels could help electric cars rival their fossil-fuel counterparts by making them less reliant on charging points and potentially free to run, says Lightyear’s lead solar engineer Emanuele Cornagliotti in this interview as part of our Solar Revolution series. “I think most electric vehicles will have a solar roof in the future,” he … Read more

Ten design projects that show the varied uses of solar power

Clothing, cars, watches and headphones powered by solar energy feature in this roundup of 10 products that are harnessing the power of the sun as part of our Solar Revolution series. Solar captured power by means of photovoltaic panels or solar electricity cells is becoming a more widespread way to power all manner of electronic … Read more

“Now’s the time to design a solar future”

A radical change in perceptions is needed for society to fully embrace solar power, write pioneering designers Marjan van Aubel and Pauline van Dongen as part of Dezeen’s newly launched Solar Revolution series. We are at the beginning of a global energy crisis. Our polluting energy system based on finite fossil resources is destroying our … Read more

Ten buildings that incorporate solar panels in unusual ways

A moving wall that evokes a sailing ship and a roof canopy modelled on a banana tree feature in this roundup, which collects 10 buildings that challenge conventional ways of fitting solar panels to help kick off our Solar Revolution series. Solar panels, also known as photovoltaics or solar electricity cells, are becoming an increasingly … Read more