manifattura tabacchi taps patricia urquiola & q-bic to convert florence’s cigar factory into residences

manifattura tabacchi residences by 2023 In Florence, former cigar factory Manifattura Tabacchi is being transformed as spacious and bright apartments with industrial-inspired lofts by designer Patricia Urquiola and studio q-bic, slated for December 2023 completion. The residential project forms part of the redevelopment plan of Manifattura Tabacchi which will renovate the historical industrial lot into … Read more

Ten residences with deliberately unfinished interiors

A holiday home in northern Italy that was decorated on a budget and a Hackney apartment with exposed concrete walls are among the residences in this lookbook, which showcases interiors that have been left purposely unfinished. Peeling wallpaper, floors that have been left untreated and hanging cables give character to these interior design projects, which … Read more