Lo-fi landscapes: Straub Thurmayr | Landscape Australia

Anna Thurmayr and Dietmar Straub are German landscape architects living and working in Manitoba, Canada. Both work at the University of Manitoba where Thurmayr is Head of Landscape Architecture. Their research, teaching and practice is informed by a strong passion for the intersections of landscape architecture, gardening, sculpture, community work and education. Alex Breedon – … Read more

Lo-fi landscapes: Estudi Martí Franch

Estudi Martí Franch studio founder Martí Franch Batllori spoke with Alex Breedon and Liam Mouritz about slowness, resourcefulness and experimentation in his landscape architecture practice; maintenance as a design practice; and site engagement possibilities over extended time frames. Liam Moritz – What kind of work does your practice focus on? Martí Franch Batllori – In … Read more