Ten kitchen interiors with polished granite surfaces

The durable, stain-resistant qualities of granite make it a choice material for kitchens. Our latest lookbook showcases 10 kitchens on Dezeen that celebrate the light-colored stone. Waterproof and scratch-resistant, the igneous rock granite has been used in construction and interior design for centuries. Today, the versatile material is often used as an alternative to marble … Read more

5 Quick, Easy, and Relatively Inexpensive Tips for Brightening Up a Dark Kitchen

published about 1 hour ago If the latter sounds like your kitchen, good news! These five simple, designer-approved tricks can brighten up your kitchen — sans renovating! — so that it can be much more inviting. Check out this list of remedies below. Incorporate reflective decorative objects and finishes. Perhaps the easiest way to bring … Read more

How to Design Functional and Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

How to Design Functional and Multipurpose Kitchen Islands © NoortjeKnulst Share Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Whatsapp Mail Or https://www.archdaily.com/937416/how-to-design-functional-and-multipurpose-kitchen-islands Islands are an essential part of any larger kitchen layout, increasing counter space, storage space, and eating space as well as offering a visual focal point for the kitchen area. Serving a variety of functions, they … Read more