talents so french designers explore materiality at maison&objet fall 2022

talents so french at maison&objet 2022 During Maison&Objet fall 2022, four young French design makers get carte blanche for the ‘Talents So French’ exhibition. The designers and interior architects – Charlotte Juillard, Samuel Accoceberry, Bina Baitel and Pierre Gonalons – were invited to demonstrate their own individual voice, style and, most importantly, work. The products, … Read more

Designers experiment with traditional tile-making techniques for Pentagram x Huguet collection

Partners at design consultancy Pentagram have created a collection of contemporary tiles and objects for Mallorcan tile brand Huguet, which is on show at London Design Festival and includes glow-in-the-dark tiles. The project was conceived by designer and former Pentagram partner Astrid Stavro, who helped coordinate the involvement of seven from Pentagram’s partners London and … Read more

Human-Centered Design: What Architects Can Learn from UX Designers

Human-Centered Design: What Architects Can Learn from UX Designers Courtesy of Crossett Library Bennington College Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or https://www.archdaily.com/989103/human-centered-design-what-architects-can-learn-from-ux-designers The architectural practice has always been rooted in what people now call “human-centered design”. The term, coined by Irish engineer Mike Cooley in his 1987 publication “Human-Centred Systems” describes a design … Read more

Singapore Design Week presents the work of over 200 designers

Promotion: over 50 events will take place during Singapore Design Week in September 2022, which presents a range of exhibitions, workshops and talks made possible by over 200 designers and creatives. Organised by DesignSingapore Council, Singapore Design Week (SDW) is one of Asia’s largest design festivals, which returns this September after a two-year hiatus to … Read more

5 South Asian Designers On How Their Heritage Informs Their Style

South Asia is a treasure trove for design. Make your way through the bustling markets of Sri Lanka, Nepal, or Pakistan and your senses are immediately overwhelmed by the beauty. Think: ornate Islamic architecture, vibrant rugs, and ancient craft traditions. For more content like this follow Growing up, my immigrant parents sought to transport some … Read more


Architecture and Design have been the most integral elements in every aspect of our lives. It impacts our lifestyle, our homes, workspaces, spaces of hospitality and wellness centers, etc. We have carefully curated the best Architects in Surat, Gujarat. Range from varying styles, budgets, and locations, they excel at all. 1. Aangan Architects Aangan Architects … Read more

Working Remotely, Ukrainian Designers Get a Lifeline From US Firms

Working Remotely, Ukrainian Designers Get a Lifeline From US Firms A graphic created by SWA Group overlays Texas (home to multiple SWA offices), Ukraine, and the work of new Ukrainian team members for a shared project in Egypt.. Image Courtesy of SWA Group Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or https://www.archdaily.com/986961/working-remotely-ukrainian-designers-get-a-lifeline-from-us-firms Since the beginning … Read more

The Top Ways to Get More Out of Your Living Room Layout, According to Designers

published about 1 hour ago A living room is one of the trickiest spaces in a home to design, if not the trickiest. So many elements come into play, from creating features for relaxation at the end of the day to thinking about how you’ll entertain when guests are over, too. If your living room … Read more

Top 20 Architects & Interior Designers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

We have listed the 20 Best Architects and Designers in and around Ahmedabad, Gujarat who has shaped some of the best architectural residences and commercial spaces. Of the many architects in Ahmedabad, these shortlisted few are the ones with an array of award-winning projects done by them that puts them over the edge which will … Read more

Experimental Slow Living with Minimal Footprint for a Leisure Home in Kerala | NO Architects Designers and Social Artists

This minimal project is a weekend home on the Ashtamudi Lake in the tropics. It is a sustainable house with a minimal footprint, that upcycles various spaces, components, and materials from a dilapidated structure, that existed on the site. The design retains traces of the existing house while adding new spatial volumes, satisfying the functional … Read more