Panelizing Deep Energy Retrofits

Edmonton’s Sundance Housing Co-op was precision-scanned and outfitted with a new panellized envelope, improving its energy performance. TEXT Max Amerongen PHOTOS Courtesy Butterwick Projects There’s a lane in Sundance Housing Co-op that provides a perfect “before” and “after” picture for housing in Canada. On one side are the original townhouses, clad in 44-year-old tan stucco … Read more

The Dwelling of Deep Living: A Home that Cloaks Leisure and Luxury | U and I Designs

There are some who love the city life – abuzz with the casual chatter of people and the commotions of a fast-paced life. While there are others who rejoice in the quiet, and prefer staying away from the hustle-bustle – in a space that is calm and instills peace. The owners of this home were … Read more