Crossboundaries’ Transformable Workplace / Crossboundaries

Crossboundaries’ Transformable Workplace / Crossboundaries © Yu Bai + 39 Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or © Yu Bai Background. By the end of 2020, the two most significant typologies for everyday use as a society were abruptly shaken by COVID-19. The home as a place of life and the office as … Read more

A Spectacular Blend Of Textures, Grooves, Smoothened Edges And Varied Kinds Of Lights | The Crossboundaries

Anyone can create a space with four walls and call it a house, but it takes a true designer to create a home out of any given space. The Crossboundaries has done an exemplary work by creating a distinctive home with all the luxuries and amenities which definitely has an edge over the others. Billipatra … Read more

Swift Confluence of Contemporary Design and Tactile Textures | The Crossboundaries

A show-flat is a showcase of a designer’s impeccable skills, on a blank canvas of immense potential. Elements, spaces, and materials can be used in the most exciting and attractive ways, to showcase an aspirational lifestyle, sans constraints and conditions. The Crossboundaries studio has created an exciting contemporary design new show flat at Keystone 72, … Read more