Blending Facets Of European Architecture, Traditional Indian Crafts And Contemporary Aesthetics | IBR Designs

This residential project aptly named as “THE EUROPEAN ART HOUSEis a result of an inspired amalgamation of the architecture of the house and the love for art and culture of the homeowners. This villa houses 3 bedrooms and a private family room on the first floor, a guest room, living, dining, kitchen and foyer occupying … Read more

Perfect Balance Of A Contemporary House With Vintage Touches | AMAZE SPACES

‘The Urban Silhouette’ is a project where the fundamental ethos of the architect and client resonated in the perfect balance of a contemporary house with vintage touches, developing into a project of its kind! Here, the space you live in becomes a canvas that lets you paint your ideas and helps generate creativity. The delicate … Read more

Traditional Indian Touches Amalgated With Western And Contemporary Designs | FORESIGHT ASSOCIATES

&nbsp “VAIRAAG” a 3,690 sq. ft. house designed and decorated by Foresight Associates in Bill, Vadodara, Gujarat is an exemplary suburban house with a fresh, modern design and contrasting rustic elements. The name of the house was decided to be a combination of the names of the homeowners – Vaishali and Gaurang. “When we heard … Read more

10 Outstanding Contemporary Spanish Offices

10 Outstanding Contemporary Spanish Offices Headquarters of Doctors Without Borders in Barcelona / Batlleiroig. Image © Antonio Navarro Wijkmark Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or Spanish cities are clear examples of the overlapping of historical periods. Medieval urban layouts coexist with modernist urban plans, and their buildings show traces of Roman, Arab, … Read more

Using Colored Glass to Enhance Design: 20 Contemporary Examples

Using Colored Glass to Enhance Design: 20 Contemporary Examples Solar S. Roque Gallery / Manuel Maia Gomes. Image © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or Used by artisans across the globe for thousands of years, colored glass is one of the oldest art forms. Its origins date back … Read more

Swift Confluence of Contemporary Design and Tactile Textures | The Crossboundaries

A show-flat is a showcase of a designer’s impeccable skills, on a blank canvas of immense potential. Elements, spaces, and materials can be used in the most exciting and attractive ways, to showcase an aspirational lifestyle, sans constraints and conditions. The Crossboundaries studio has created an exciting contemporary design new show flat at Keystone 72, … Read more

photographer chiron duong on his contemporary take of Ao Dai garment

chiron duong’s ethereal ‘Portraits of Ao Dai’ Vietnamese artist Chiron Duong translates the dynamism of the Ao Dai Vietnamese traditional costume into an ethereal photo series of female figures. Through ‘Portraits of Ao Dai’, the artist reveals unfolding stories of personal memories connected to the Ao Dai tradition, fusing historical and modern values. His interest … Read more

Instilling Collaboration and Cooperation with this Contemporary Office Space in Vadodara | Manoj Patel Design Studio

Birthed out of a need in the recent past, pre-covid office spaces functioned significantly as modern or contemporary office spaces, assimilating people, following the schedules, and achieving planned numbers and targets. The need for collaborative and cooperative workspaces has tweaked the systemic design process of designing an office. The MPDS office not only revives the … Read more

When Vintage Meets Modern: 5 Barn Lights That Achieve a Contemporary Aesthetic

When Vintage Meets Modern: 5 Barn Lights That Achieve a Contemporary Aesthetic Calla Pendant Ceiling Lights. Image Courtesy of Cocoweb Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or Characterized by a simple structure and a gable roof, the traditional barnyard typology responds to its original function: sheltering farm products and livestock. In recent years, … Read more

The Contemporary Calmness – Upscale Residence with Elegance of Modern Design | Raise Atelier

This 1250 Sq.ft contemporary apartment located in suburbs of Mumbai belongs to a family who are well traveled, shuttling life between Australia and India .The clients have extremely active lives and desired to have a soothing décor that is contemporary, timeless and restful not stimulating to the eye. The design needs to be clear and … Read more