Ten beautiful brutalist interiors with a surprisingly welcoming feel

For our latest lookbook, we’ve collected 10 brutalist interiors from the UK to Brazil and Indonesia that show how textiles, plants and colors can be used to soften monolithic concrete spaces and create a cosy atmosphere. Brutalism as an architectural style often makes use of concrete to create large, sculptural buildings. These interiors in brutalist … Read more

Brutalist Interiors: Inside the Buildings of Belgrade

Brutalist Interiors: Inside the Buildings of Belgrade © Inês d’Orey Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or https://www.archdaily.com/987238/brutalist-interiors-inside-the-buildings-of-belgrade A city of electric architectural diversity – Belgrade’s Modernist structures give the Serbian capital a unique character. The gray of Belgrade’s Brutalist concrete is one of the city’s architectural signatures, existing in both complex volumetric facades … Read more

Brutalist Architecture with a Twist of Modern Design Sensibilities | The Grid Architects

This project that follows the aesthetic of brutalist architecture that involves creating a simple, functional home for a small entrepreneurial family with an appreciable creative streak. The client runs a thriving business, but is also an enthusiastic poet, while his son is an avid wildlife photographer. Brutalist Architecture with a Twist of Modern Design Sensibilities … Read more

In search of brutalist architecture and fluted concrete in Bordeaux

While in Bordeaux, I scoured the city in search of brutalist architecture. If the old “Caisse d’épargne” in the Mériadeck district was able to satisfy my hunger for concrete, I went in search of other Brutalist-inspired buildings that could evoke the local pastry specialty, the famous “Canelé de Bordeaux”… The Meriadeck district, concrete in all … Read more

Brutalist architecture of the Maurice Ravel auditorium in Lyon

The Maurice Ravel auditorium and its reinforced concrete shellwhich has hung in the Part-Dieu shopping center in Lyon since 1975, is the work of French architect Henri Pottiersecond Grand Prix of Rome, in association with urban planner Charles Delfante. Covered with protective nets, the raw concrete of the Lyon Auditorium seems to be subject to … Read more

The “Orgues de Flandre”, brutalist apartment buildings in Paris

The German-born architect Martin Schulz Van Treecka student of Jean Ginsberg, designed in the 1970s the “Orgues de Flandre”, a group of social housing buildings in the Villette district in the heart of Paris. Origami architecture for brutalist face-to-face With their spectacular corbels, two buildings, among the six that make up the Orgues de Flandre, … Read more