Architecture Classics: The Benedictine Monastery Chapel / Gabriel Guarda, Martin Correa

Capilla del Monasterio Benedictino / Gabriel Guarda, Martín Correa. 2022. Image © Fabian Dejtiar Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or The Benedictine monastery chapel of Santa María de las Condes, visible from different points in the eastern part of Santiago, Chile, is a white volume, located halfway up the slopes of Los … Read more

casa açucena rises fifteen meters from the ground and lives within a forest in Brazil

casa açucena lives within the rainforest in brazil Residential Casa Açucena rises fifteen meters through stilts penetrated into the earth and resides within the core of a forest in Brazil. Architecture studio Tetro studies the integration with nature, use of apparent materials, and exploration of empty spaces, placing their clients within the tradition of Brazilian … Read more