In search of brutalist architecture and fluted concrete in Bordeaux

While in Bordeaux, I scoured the city in search of brutalist architecture. If the old “Caisse d’épargne” in the Mériadeck district was able to satisfy my hunger for concrete, I went in search of other Brutalist-inspired buildings that could evoke the local pastry specialty, the famous “Canelé de Bordeaux”… The Meriadeck district, concrete in all … Read more

Le Corbusier’s artwork for the “Cité Frugès” near Bordeaux, France

The cité Frugès is a real estate project initiated in the 1920s by the Bordeaux industrialist Henry Frugès with the aim of creating a workers’ housing estate in Pessac, in the suburbs of Bordeaux, France. He called on Le Corbusier, who came with his architect cousin Pierre Jeanneret to design a futuristic housing estate in … Read more