5 South Asian Designers On How Their Heritage Informs Their Style

South Asia is a treasure trove for design. Make your way through the bustling markets of Sri Lanka, Nepal, or Pakistan and your senses are immediately overwhelmed by the beauty. Think: ornate Islamic architecture, vibrant rugs, and ancient craft traditions. For more content like this follow Growing up, my immigrant parents sought to transport some … Read more

Why Bamboo is the Future of Asian Construction

Why Bamboo is the Future of Asian Construction Bamboo Hostels China / Studio Anna Heringer. Image © Jenny JI Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or https://www.archdaily.com/987054/why-bamboo-is-the-future-of-asian-construction The Filipinos believe that man and woman first emerged from the nodes of a bamboo stalk. The Chinese view the cane as a symbol of their culture … Read more