Perfect Balance Of A Contemporary House With Vintage Touches | AMAZE SPACES

‘The Urban Silhouette’ is a project where the fundamental ethos of the architect and client resonated in the perfect balance of a contemporary house with vintage touches, developing into a project of its kind! Here, the space you live in becomes a canvas that lets you paint your ideas and helps generate creativity. The delicate bridge between art and architecture is broken down, amalgamating both into a single functional entity. The site is located in a plush apartment complex on Golf Curse Road, Gurugram, having an area of ​​1700 sq. ft. Though small, the site is enriched with various trees, birds, butterflies, laterite boulders, and natural contours. On the west lies the majestic golf course from which a consistent wind rolls up and fondles the site.

Perfect Balance Of A Contemporary House With Vintage Touches | AMAZE SPACES


The massing of the residence is such that the spaces are connected with a linear passage and the corridor connects the three bedrooms with the living room and the dining and kitchen area. The master bedroom has a separate work from home area towards its north opening which welcomes beautiful diffused daylight.

The accent wall has a beautiful texture given to it by the pastel Pichwai artwork that is hung on it in the form of ceramic plates on a beige gray backdrop and the signature lanterns sitting politely on the French paneled wall.

The main color palette was French blue and powder pink with a hint of saturated undertones of both the colors for the highlights. The marble flooring for the whole residence was kept intact because of its old world charm and the amazing condition it was in.

The walls have been given vintage appeal with a light gray undertone, there is strategic use of wood in the floating false ceiling. But the highlight of the space has to be the beautiful warmth of the ‘Bagh’ wallpaper, it has intricately designed koyal birds and hibiscus flowers and buds made all over it.

The main design element is the accentuating and linear corridor which has a band running all across the walls on the ceiling and again on the wall. It creates a sense of synchrony in the whole space, the design elements even varying area stitched and married together with the over running band.

The second design element that is the highlight of the whole space is the living room partition, it acts as a dynamic element that bifurcated the corridor from the living area and also creates a distinctive art piece, it is conceptualized on the various galaxies constantly in motion and still static. The huge fenestration in the living room area is the bar viewing spot, the client briefed said that there has to be a bar which does not show the bottles directly in the living room and the bar sitting area should have a beautiful spot in one corner, so the idea of ​​clubbing the window and the bar sitting area that doubles up as seating area for the living room when there is a huge gathering was fused from the clients brief itself.

The idea was to create a space that is connected to each other so the functional counter that has the microwave unit, crockery, storage and refrigerator area is separate from the main kitchen area, there is a thin biophilic partition that stands right in the middle which is the center of the space, it bifurcates both
the area and proves as a support for the bench in the middle.

The color palette is neutral with the protagonist being green, different shades of green and gray are used to maintain a sense of monotony and connection.

Between the dining and the kitchen area in a warm and fresh Canadian Oakwood shade, and through the diagonal fins of the biophilic partition one can see the kitchen in the same oak wood shade finish shutters for the angel called monotony and synchronism, paired with the dark olive chalkboard finished shutters. The ceramics used were black and white in the palette but the flooring was OTT Moroccan and the countertop tiles were a crazy onyx that added a very urban and chic look to the kitchen.

The master bedroom is splitter splatter of different hues of the same color- the majestic teal. The wardrobe had to be the most dramatic element of the room, owing to its location in the room, it received a lot of natural light, it had to be the accentuating element of the room.

The accent wall on the other hand was kept in an undertone of light sky teal, it symbolises the twilight sundowner which is made up of colors like

The concept was inspired by the color palette of the blue skies and the beautiful color it takes at the time of twilight, the golden birds in color symbolizing the golden chains of matrimony and the birds on the cushion are the younger ones waiting for their family to come home. The deep teal on the wardrobe wall is the quintessential color of luxury for 2022 homes, it is bold, beautiful and strikes a perfect balance with a subtle yet OTT look.

The kids bedroom is a sudden burst of colour, one can simply not ignore being over whelmed by the wide spectrum of colors and patterns this room has.

The room is designed on the concept that the sky is the limit and that one can achieve anything that they desire, the false ceiling form is inspired by the clouds and the ambient lighting curves form the silver lining.

The upholstery is again a burst of color with an adorably cute and colorful palette, the curtains are a beautiful tropical printed fabric, with the laminates of the wardrobes and wall [aneling being colourful. The room is reverberant with colours and replete with examples of how to have a picnic inside the room 101.

This is the guest bedroom and it is like tropical paradise, the arches have the beautiful empanlieing of this customised wallpaper of the tropical greens, it is an exotic bunch of banana, guava and swollen boa boa trees Africa. This represents the beautiful cultural context of our subcontinent called India.


Designed by :  AMAZE SPACES

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : The Mithilanchal Quest

Location : Golf Course Road, Gurugram

Year Built : 1st July, 2022

Project Size : 1700 Sq.ft.

Principal Architects :  Ar. Archishmaan Srivastava, Ar. Aastha Katyal & Ar. Harsh Gupta

Photograph Courtesy : Studio Deepesh Dixit

Firm’s Website Link : AMAZE SPACES

Firm’s Instagram Link : AMAZE SPACES


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