Planners Must Now “Anticipate the Unanticipated” – THE DIRT

Imagine Austin Growth Concept Map / City of Austin “The planning practices of the past are inadequate for today’s challenges,” said David Rouse, ASLA, a landscape architect and planner, at the American Planning Association’s National Planning Conference in San Diego. Rapid technological change, socio-economic inequities, natural resource depletion, and climate change are forcing planning and … Read more

Station Square & Station Area by Arcadis « Landscape Architecture Platform

The train station of Driebergen-Zeist is located on the Rhijnspoorweg and opened its doors in 1844. The station is located between Driebergen-Rijsenburg and Zeist and has had many name changes over time, until it was given its current name in 1948. Thousands of people use the Driebergen-Zeist traffic junction every day, to travel to and … Read more

Office Campus, De Reehorst, Triodos Bank by Arcadis « Landscape Architecture Platform

Triodos Bank’s mission is to realize a sustainable society. The bank does this by making people aware of the consequences of their economic actions on fellow human beings and the earth. However, visitors, employees and clients that went over to the bank’s main office did not experience Triodos’ mission; the bank’s birthplace on the estate … Read more

How to Navigate Politics While Planning Climate Resilience – THE DIRT

Resilient Houston plan / City of Houston Whether you live in a red, blue, or purple state, the impacts of climate change are real. The number of natural disasters that have caused a billion or more in damages has only increased. Since 2015, there have been 100 of them, said Marissa Aho, Chief Resilience Officer … Read more

Grounds for testing: Delprat Phytoremediation Garden

In a beautiful Image of the circularity of intellectual insight and material processes, science writer Dorion Sagan writes of how, in hearing his own breathing, he is reminded of the redox gradient, the metabolic source of energy for most animals. The oxygen we inhale and the chemical compounds making up our food are what sustain … Read more

Evidencing the benefits of green space

Devastating actions over decades have degraded the systems that support our health and connect us with the “more-than-human world.” This has resulted in many of us becoming estranged from nature to the detriment of our capacities for pro-environmental behavior and even our quality of life. Beyond the imperative decarbonization, we also need to change cities … Read more

Transitioning cities and post-COVID planning

COVID-19 has, in A combination with climate change, opened a window of opportunity for rethinking our Australian cities and transitioning them to more sustainable and resilient platforms. To thrive in the face of current and future challenges, all future city initiatives and interventions must aim to build inclusive community resilience and environmental sustainability, as well … Read more

Green New Deal Projects Are What Landscape Architects Do Anyways – THE DIRT

“Renew Calumet” by Wrkshp/bluemarble By Wkshp/bluemarble The Green New Deal means designers can live up to their potential to address the wicked problems of our time. Landscape architects, planners, and architects may be familiar with the Green New Deal Superstudio, which was a call for designers to “spatially manifest” the Green New Deal, or to … Read more

Designing Decarbonization, Jobs, and Justice (Part II) – THE DIRT

Grounding the Green New Deal / Allison Shelley/Landscape Architecture Foundation “The Green New Deal Superstudio models a collective form of practice. We have a foot in the world now, but can imagine a new future,” said Kate Orff, FASLA, founder of SCAPE, during the start of the second panel of Grounding the Green New Deal, … Read more

Designing Decarbonization, Jobs, and Justice (Part 1) – THE DIRT

Grounding the Green New Deal / Allison Shelley/Landscape Architecture Foundation “It’s not good enough to just be active designers, we also need to be influencing upstream policy,” said Barbara Deutsch, CEO of the Landscape Architecture Foundation, during the kick-off of Grounding the Green New Deal, a day-long summit held at the National Building Museum (NBM) … Read more