10 Incredible LGBTQIA+ Creatives To Follow

June 24th, 2022 They say a picture tells 1000 words and, as photographers, we often find this is the most natural way to communicate ideas. Art, photography, and creative practice have always been ways for people to express themselves, tell stories, work through trauma, and make their voices heard. June is Pride Month and it’s … Read more

World Photography Day 2022: Celebrating Female Photojournalists

August 19th, 2022 To us, every day is World Photography Day. On a daily basis, the Zenfolio team strives to celebrate, educate, and inspire photographers through our platform and the collective experience of our community. Having said that, we know that not everyone lives and breathes photography as much as we do, which is why … Read more

In search of brutalist architecture and fluted concrete in Bordeaux

While in Bordeaux, I scoured the city in search of brutalist architecture. If the old “Caisse d’épargne” in the Mériadeck district was able to satisfy my hunger for concrete, I went in search of other Brutalist-inspired buildings that could evoke the local pastry specialty, the famous “Canelé de Bordeaux”… The Meriadeck district, concrete in all … Read more

Brutalist architecture of the Maurice Ravel auditorium in Lyon

The Maurice Ravel auditorium and its reinforced concrete shellwhich has hung in the Part-Dieu shopping center in Lyon since 1975, is the work of French architect Henri Pottiersecond Grand Prix of Rome, in association with urban planner Charles Delfante. Covered with protective nets, the raw concrete of the Lyon Auditorium seems to be subject to … Read more

The French National Dance Center of Pantin by architect Jacques Kalisz

The Center National de la Danse, formerly the administrative center of the city of Pantin, north of Paris, France, is the work of Jacques Kalisz. In the middle of the 1960s, Jacques Kalisz was 35 years old but not yet an architect. He took advantage of a commission from the mayor of Pantin to design, … Read more

Architectural promenade at the Villa Savoy by Le Corbusier architect

Describing the Villa Savoye as “a true architectural promenade”, the architect Le Corbusier decided to stage the interior of the house and apply his design ideas developed over several years with the help of Jean Jeanneret. After having photographed the Villa Savoy on all its exterior facades in the first part of this report, let’s … Read more

Le Corbusier’s artwork for the “Cité Frugès” near Bordeaux, France

The cité Frugès is a real estate project initiated in the 1920s by the Bordeaux industrialist Henry Frugès with the aim of creating a workers’ housing estate in Pessac, in the suburbs of Bordeaux, France. He called on Le Corbusier, who came with his architect cousin Pierre Jeanneret to design a futuristic housing estate in … Read more

The “Orgues de Flandre”, brutalist apartment buildings in Paris

The German-born architect Martin Schulz Van Treecka student of Jean Ginsberg, designed in the 1970s the “Orgues de Flandre”, a group of social housing buildings in the Villette district in the heart of Paris. Origami architecture for brutalist face-to-face With their spectacular corbels, two buildings, among the six that make up the Orgues de Flandre, … Read more

A contrasted vision of the Confluence Museum in Lyon

Opened in Lyon at the end of 2014, the “Musée des Confluences” designed by the Austrian architectural firm Coop Himmelb(l)au is intended to be a true architectural sculpture.Standing on a huge concrete base, it sits proudly in a unique and rare location for a major city, at the confluence of a majestic river and its … Read more